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Katya Teplizky
Hi, My Name is Katya. I love cosplay, Anime and Manga, Punk-pop music and books. I'm an Anthropology student at University of Chile and I'm 20 years old. I hope you like my gallery and spread the cosplay love <3!
for more Pictures and stuff~

Current Residence: Santiago, Chile
Favourite genre of music: Punk Pop
Operating System: Windows XP
MP3 player of choice: VLC music player.
Well, I'm not too into writing these things, but what can I say. I'm pretty bored and I'll use these things to talk about events and cosplay, because who the fuck cares about the rest of my lfie anyway? It's just your typical university student life xD

Lately, I went to three events. Winter Cosplay Party, Super Japan Expo and Urban Japan fest. Yeah, Event tiem pretty bad.
The three of them were su much fun! First at WCP, I could go with a few friends (Linna, Neru and Yurika -aka, Tsundere-chan *laughs*-) and could enjoy the event in peace. Watch the karaoke, the trivias,t he cosplay, and even the bands. You certainly can't do that when you're part of the cosplay yourself. Also, we could take some really nice pictures of our "Eh, Ah, Sou?" Cosplay from Vocaloid. I've been just DYING to be Kiyoteru since a long time. Pffft and then they called us unoriginal for cosplaying vocaloid! I mean, come on, I've never seen another Kiyoteru xDDDD Well, people are stupid like that.

Then I went to SJE. And it was chaos, but I had fun too. We worked a lot on our Touhou Show, and it came out pretty good ; at least I spread the love for PCB <3 and lots of people told me they liked my Yuyuko costume, which made me pretty happy. I was in ecstasy seiing Sue, Kato and Neru too. They looked so cute *w*! I'm glad Neru's costume turned out good. and I Learned to do Serafukus! -level up- Then In sunday, I went with Michan as Ace and Julius from Heart No Kuni No alice. Hellish place to change, but nice event. I'm so happy for the girl who won as Esther! HEr costume was incredible. I'm so proud of her being CHile's representative in Argentina.
And then, Urban Japan Fest. Mein Gott! This was CHAOS. and Hell and I thought i was gonna die. I had to make my kotarou costume, Michan's Iku's costume, three commissions for girls who danced k-pop and a Luffy costume too. I couldn't sleep and had to work all night. But the event was pretty good, I could spend some time with my lovely team. It had been a long time since so many of us had gathered on an event like that <3 but.... I lost my cosmetics bag and with that, My glasses! I'm a megane with no glasses right now! 3__3 But I'm going to buy new ones with my dad and Pangea's help , I'm so happy about that I think I'm gonna cry.

Well Now, I'm looking forward to Anilive, Since i'll be cosplaying Kuuchuu Buranko with Neru <3 Gonna be lots of fun! I love Irabu. And Then, Concomics, where I'll be the shortest Gintoki ever, But I promised Michan and Kei I would do that trio with'em so... I hope it doesn't turn out too bad, since I LOVE gintoki and gintama. Well, too much rant. I'm off! 'Til next tiem!

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Don´t know if you already got it - but a new chapter of "[K] Powerless" is out! :) Check it out, if you got time:…
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GOD yo también amo a Nakaji.
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Saludos Katya :D
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